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How to make your yard the right size for you

yard patio
When you buy a single family home you usually make your buying decision based on the living space within the house. How many bedrooms does it have? Is there an additional room for a home office or den? Does it have a basement or attic for storage?

But with a little effort you can expand the living space outside the walls of your residence by using the grounds around the house as well. Sometimes this space is just the size your family needs to enjoy the natural beauty of your property and entertain family and friends. But if your outdoor space feels too big – or too small – for your lifestyle, here are some ideas to help make your yard the perfect size for you.  

Cut a Large Yard Down to Size by Designating Zones for Different Activities

Divide the yard into zones
Creating separate zones for specific outdoor activities and for various members of the family makes a large space easier to manage. You might even consider establishing a back-to-nature garden where wild flowers and grasses are allowed to grow in their natural state. Below are some other suggestions on how to use these zones.

Cultivate Flower and Vegetable Gardens

cultivate flowersCultivate vegetables
Imagine filling your home with flowers from your own backyard and serving salads and side dishes that you’ve grown yourself. Just decide what plants you want to grow and the best part of your yard to put them.

Put in Private Pathways and Shady Patios

yard landscaping brick patio
Make your yard a beautiful, serene oasis designed especially for you and your family. Exercise every day by walking down beautiful pathways and relax on shady patios around a well-built fire pit. All it takes is a little bit of planning and some expert help to execute your project.

Add Your Own Fresh Water Pond

What a lovely place to unwind from a hard day! Or to while away a weekend afternoon listening to the soothing sounds of water, the sight of birds and butterflies stopping by for a drink, and the rejuvenating feeling of being one with nature right in your own backyard.

Build Your Own Alfresco Dining Room

brick patio
Enjoy your meals outdoors with family and friends in your own private outdoor dining area. You might even want to build an outdoor kitchen to cook outside as well.  After all, you have the space – enjoy it!

But what if your yard isn’t as big as your dreams? Here are some ways we can help make smaller yards seem larger.

Expand Your Yard with Terraces

stone steps
Incorporating different levels or layers to your yard adds depth and visual interest. You can achieve this by using raised planters, terraced areas, or adding retaining walls. These elements will draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of more space.

Build a Fence with Climbing Plants for Beauty and Privacy

roses climbing fence
Turn even the most utilitarian fence into an aesthetic addition by covering it with climbing vines or flowers. Basically, you can create a vertical garden within the confines of your horizonal one.

Neutral Light Colors Make Small Spaces Look Larger

patio with furniture
Whether you’re decorating inside your home or out, using light-colored neutral shades for furniture, rugs, and shrubbery makes an area look larger and roomier.

Scale Everything Down in a Tighter Space

patio with furniture
Using smaller seating pieces and tables that are on scale with a small yard makes everything feel bigger and airier. The same is true for the planters, shrubs, and flower beds you use.

Create Sight Lines That Draw the Eye Toward the Back

patio with furniture
If your yard is narrow, directing the eye toward the back of it will make it seem wider. So put some furnishings in the back of the space as well as the front to draw visitors’ attention. The photo above is a good example of how a comparatively narrow space can be made more visually appealing.

Whatever size yard you have, we can landscape it to make your home more attractive and outdoor living more enjoyable.  Call us anytime at 847-912-6319 to discuss how we can help turn your yard into the perfect outdoor space for your home, your family, and your lifestyle.

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