Landscape Design and Installation

front yard landscaping
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We provide design and installation services, working with your thoughts to create and implement practical and attractive landscapes. We choose plants to maximize seasonal colors and textures, generally working with native plants and those suited to an area to keep maintenance requirements lower. We will work with you to pick the ideal plants for your space to achieve your personal landscaped space. Call for a free initial consultation. Then if you decide you would like us to create your personal design, the cost starts as low as $300 depending on the scope of the project. Design fee will be applied to deposit for installation of landscape.

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Our Services

We hired Curt for a fairly complex landscape job. We found him to be very knowledgeable about the various plants and flowers and offered many comments and suggestions. The work was done with care. Many landscapers drop off their crews and disappear. Curt was available to supervise and discuss the project all the way to the end. We will use him again.
Roger T.