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Light up your landscape to create a Winter wonderland

winter night
No matter how much thought and effort you’ve made to make your garden the talk of the neighborhood, come winter, as soon as the sun goes down, your home can seem to be enveloped in a dark and frightening landscape. This is especially true during the cold, dark nights of winter. Fortunately, a dark, leafless garden setting can be transformed with the use of lights.

Just as stars in a crisp winter sky have a beauty people marvel at, highlighting your dormant plants can add a sense of glamour to your own backyard. And with the proper lighting, your outdoor spaces can be used longer not only on balmy summer evenings but in colder weather as well.

There are several choices of outdoor lighting specially designed for use in your garden. You can use one of several different types of lights to achieve a well-lit space that is safer to walk through and infinitely more attractive to view. Well-lit yards also make your home and possessions more secure.

Here’s an example of how I helped a client turn a cold, barren-looking patio and yard into an attractive space that was perfect for taking quiet evening walks during warm weather and welcoming visitors during freezing winter nights.

lighted patio
First, we used ledge lights to edge the seating wall that framed the backyard. In the summer the lights make this area a lovely place for friends and family to enjoy the trees, fountain, cool breezes and one another. The lights also make the area safer to walk through even in the winter.

At one end of the yard is a small fountain which is lit up using Aquascape brand fixtures. Three lights in the fountain, one in each of three bubbling stones, illuminate the water as it flows through the center of the lights before cascading down the sides of the stones. The sound of the water is very pleasant when sitting by the outdoor fire pit, and the lights highlight the fountain’s visual charm.

In the yard itself there are two spotlights, one on each tree, that emphasize the beauty of the branches and foliage all year long. These fixtures cast light throughout the yard to dispel the darkness and create a sense of safety and tranquility.

As you can see, lights can add not only to the beauty of your property, but its usability as well. Call me at 847-912-6319 for ideas on how I can help you turn your yard into a well-lit wonderland whatever the season.



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