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Seven ways to decorate your garden for Christmas

If you love the holidays as much as I do, here are some ideas on how to demonstrate the holiday spirit outside as well as inside your home. We hope you’ll try out a few of these for yourself to bring a sense of the joy and beauty to your garden despite the weather.

1. Make the plainest fence a beautiful gateway

fence with boughs and red ribbonIt doesn’t take a great deal of effort or expense, just some greenboughs, red ribbon and twinkling Christmas tree lights to turn the most utilitarian fence into a lovely reminder of the holiday.

2. During the holidays, every door deserves a wreath.

christmas wreathWhether you make it yourself or buy one from a florist, grocery store or a local boy scout troop, a green and red circle on your door is a lovely and fragrant way to say “Welcome!” Whether they’re made of pine or holly or maybe both, they last for several months and add a festive note to every home.

3. Even when it’s freezing, a fountain can still beautify your garden

decorated fountainFill the fountain basin with live or artificial greens, potted plants, ribbons and ornaments to add color, texture and a sense of life to an otherwise bare landscape. And if you include fruits and nuts from trees such as crabapple, chokecherry, arrowwood viburnum, sumac, white pine, white oak and dogwood among the greens, you’ll provide birds with nourishment during the coldest months.

4. Light up your garden and your spirits with outdoor lights

lighted treeTwinkling lights on trees and around the perimeter of houses are the perfect way to banish the darkness and chill of winter. They’re beautiful and practical, too – lighting the way around the garden and adding color to the darkest night.

5. Christmas Figures

Christmas gnomesinflated reindeer3 treesChristmas is full of colorful characters – elves, red-nosed reindeer, dancing snowmen and, of course, the ultimate in benevolent beings, Santa Claus. Whether they’re made of plastic, stone, clay or snow – these characters make us feel like children again. So why not add a few of these magical beings to your lawn? You can even turn your trees into elf-like creatures with some caps and gloves!

6. Oversized ornaments have a big impact

red ornamentscookie ornaments on treedecorated Christmas tree
With just a few ornaments per tree, lifeless branches seem to come alive with a sophisticated glamour. You can get super-sized traditional ornaments or find plastic, two-sided ones that are also attractive and more affordable. Or how about cookie- cutter shaped ornaments filled with bird seeds? All of these ornaments made for the outdoors can turn barren-looking trees into a gay and colorful seasonal display.

7. Make window boxes and planters into a winter wonderland

window sill arrangement3 potted trees
Nothing makes a home more attractive than flower-filled window boxes or porch planters. But when winter comes, these attractive containers are just reminders of how lifeless a winter landscape can seem. Why not use these receptacles as display areas for cold-resistant plants? Or even plastic replicas until you can fill them with spring flowers once again. However you choose to decorate your home, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the process and the result.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season.


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