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Build a patio to expand your living space

backyard patio
As you probably know by now, I not only plant trees, shrubs and flowers, I also design and build hardscapes for residential properties. These include pathways and sidewalks, driveways, retainer walls, seat walls, sea walls and fire pits! A full list of these is on my home page and I also have a photo gallery of my favorite projects.

But today, I’d like to talk about patios! Whether they are in the front of your home, the side or in the back, I think of them as “outdoor rooms” where people can enjoy the beauties of nature just by stepping outside their own door. They’re ideal spaces for kids to play, teens to hang out and grownups to put their feet up, relax in a lounge chair and have a cold drink after a hard day.

Patios can be made of several different types of materials - stone, concrete pavers, flagstone and brick. Here are some thoughts on why patios are ideal for outdoor living.

1) They’re made with long lasting materials – brick, flagstone or cement.
Bricks have been used for building all types of things for literally thousands of years. If they can withstand the heat of the Sahara and wear and tear of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and more modern armies they can certainly stand up to use by your family and friends! Or you may prefer a patio made of flagstone or cement. Any of these will last longer than a wooden deck.
brick paversstone patio bricksyard landscaping 
2) Patios need minimal maintenance. 
There’s no need for the sealing or staining a wooden deck demands. Just wash your patio space down with the garden hose and you’re good to go!

3They can be built for every type of home and lifestyle.
One of my favorite suppliers is Unilock. They create concrete bricks and slabs in literally dozens of patterns, colors, shapes and textures. So, I can design and build the perfect patio for every client.
family at table outside
4) They can be made slip resistant
The texture of brick creates excellent traction for children and adults even after a heavy rainstorm. Other materials can also be constructed to provide slide-free movement. So there’s less chance of bruised knees, and worse, broken bones.

5Concerned about using “green” materials? – Use brick!
Made from natural clay or shale, brick is an especially environmentally friendly choice. And bricks are recyclable!
family on patio
6Got a favorite pattern? We can do it in brick.
Whether you want a patio that looks like Jane Austin might have entertained on it or something Frank Lloyd Wright might have created, we can accommodate you with a customized design made in your favorite materials.

7Patios can be made with material for every budget.
You can build a patio with poured concrete, flagstone slabs, sand, slate and tiles. Bricks are another option. Although the installation of brick is a bit higher than other materials, it is far and away the most durable and requires virtually no maintenance.
kids washing dog
8Patios can make your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter
Depending on which material you build it with, patios can heat, while others are better at reflecting it away. Dark-colored materials, like brick and stone, are best at absorbing heat, so they soak up the heat and then radiate it back into your space.

9Bricks maintain the intensity of their color. 
They don’t fade over time because of exposure to UV rays.
brick patio
10Whatever type of patio you build, it will enhance your life and your income
It’ll increase your property value when you sell and your enjoyment of your home for as long as you live there.

If you have any questions about creating a patio for your family, please don’t hesitate to call. I’d be glad to answer any questions. You can reach me at 847-912-6319. Or email me at: curtpland@gmailcom.



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