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A project we did 20 years ago led to another project this year

We originally worked on the landscaping of this property in Carpentersville about 20 years ago when we designed and installed a garden in front of house. It included some hardscaping as well - a front walk and a wall that formed an edge to a lovely garden of trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers.

Then, a couple of years ago, the client asked us back to landscape their backyard, after they had a swimming pool and a cement patio installed. First, we fixed some problems they were having with the pool by repairing its drainage arrangements. Then we put in new drainage for downspouts and a sump pump, as well as some drainage along one side of the back yard.

inground pool
Unfortunately, the previously installed patio was a bit small so we installed outcropping on ends of steps to help with the grade change transition and to make use of larger yard spaces on the sides.

stone outcropping
On the other side of the steps was another stone outcropping and a platform to accommodate a change in the grading with a small space for planting flowers.

stone outcropping
Finally, because the site was very windy, we created a lush border of evergreens that served as windbreakers. Together with shrubs and perennial flowers, the trees beautified the utilitarian fencing and turned the yard into a lovely private oasis.

inground pool
This year the client asked us to add a roofed pergola and patio on the other end of the pool. in contrast with the concrete patio off of the house, we decided to use flagstone for the pergola platform.

We used an 8" permeable gravel base, with geogrid under the gravel and non-woven needle punch fabric to separate soil from gravel around the edges. This is exactly what we use for brick pavers plus stone dust polymeric sand in the wide joints.

We built a stone outcropping on one side of the steps leading to the flagstone surface to accommodate the grade change. It also added visual interest and seems to be almost an extension of the flagstone.

The homeowners elected to erect the pergola themselves so they could put it exactly where they wanted. We installed the piers for the pergola at the time we excavated for the gravel base, so that we would not create extra work later on. Our clients entertained outside a great deal and wanted to have a covered space in case it "rained on their party." We were happy to accommodate them I any way we could.

As you can see, the long term relationship we have with our clients enable us to realize their vision for their property over the years. It’s incredibly rewarding both for them and for us. Major landscaping projects don’t necessarily have to be done all at once. They can be accomplished in stages that are easier on the budget and allow the homeowners to make their dreams come true over time. We’d love to talk to you about any ideas you may have that we can help you think through. Just give us a call and we can “dream” together.

Thanks for reading!


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