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Walls provide support, security and seating In your garden

There's something both aesthetic and pragmatic, ethereal yet solid, about stone walls that nothing else can duplicate. They can indicate special zones of use – for example a plant bed, fire pit or seating area. For millennia they’ve protected small hills from eroding and outsiders from intruding. But whatever their practical purpose, walls built with local or imported stones are ideal for showcasing the color and delicacy of plant life, adding a special grace to your garden or walkway.

Here are a few examples from my previous projects that I thought might inspire you to build a stone wall on your own property.

brick patio

Creating Boundaries for Safety and Beauty
Our objective for this project was to set the boundaries of an outside living area by using concrete blocks 4" x 8" x 12" from Rochester. The wall is about six feet tall on the outside of the back patio and has a similar look to Unilock Brussels or Olde Quarry. Decorative and functional, it keeps people from falling off the back patio while holding up the base. It’s about three to three-and-a-half feet above the grade of the yard behind the wall. There are also low voltage ledge lights under Unilock ledgestone copping. This feature makes it a lovely gathering place in the evening as well as during the day. The client was very happy with the result and has invited us back many times to do other projects.

stone wall
Supporting and Setting Off a Walkway
This second wall made of subtly hued granite boulders was built to support the flagstone path to the deck in the back. It allowed us to install a path that was relatively level despite a slope on the side of the yard. This also enabled us to provide space for plantings, which the homeowners wanted to do themselves. The clients were very happy with the look and the way we extended the pathway a bit farther than originally planned to make the path and garden more aesthetically pleasing. This addition was greatly appreciated by the owner, who felt it gave the whole house and garden a more polished look.

brick driveway  
Building a Place to Sit and Gather.
The third example is this seating wall, built in a block by Unilock. It makes a lovely place for family and friends to sit and enjoy the foliage, architecture and the beauty of the outdoors.

If you have a space you think could benefit from one of these solutions, please call me at 847-912-6319 for some suggestions and a free estimate.

As poet Richard Lovelace once wrote, “Stone walls do not a prison make,” and they can add incredibly to the utility, security and safety of a garden, side yard, pathway or any area you want to keep as a private space.

Yours, Curt


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